Friday, May 11, 2012


S-Psalm. 55:3 “…I am distracted at the noise of the enemy…”

O-The Psalmist is crying out to God as he fears his enemies.

A-The Amplified Bible says I am distracted.  When things are not going well we can easily become distracted. We feel the enemy is out to get us.  In fact, many times we are our own worst enemy.  We take our eyes off of God and become distracted by our perceptions of the situation and allow them to become fact.  I feel like I waste so much time and energy when I do this.  The good I could’ve done is trumped by acting on my perception of the situation…ugh.

P-O Lord, please be my filter…help me to see clearly and not be brought down or distracted. Psalm 55:23b says “…But I will trust in, lean on, and confidently rely on You.

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