Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Feb. 28 Numbers 24-27; 1 Cor.13

"Without Love....I am Nothing"
S-1 Cor. 13 And these three remain: faith hope and love. But the greatest of these is love

O- The message we are to get from this passage is about Love. With out Love we are nothing, we have nothing, we will be nothing. We can have many other gifts, and do for God, but if these gifts that we have and the things we do are without Love, they mean and are done for nothing. Love is first, it is God's greatest commandment.

A- Just recently in our leadership class we learned how administrating love in all aspect of our ministry and life. Without Love, we will go know where and we aren't a good leader without having everything we are and do be out of love. Just recently I had an opportunity that was out of my comfort zone, but thought about this passage of scripture, and this lesson. A woman was in the ER waiting room. Her husband was just admitted for surgery with water around his heart.
The doctor came in, and asked everyone in the waiting room to leave. When I returned, she was calling many phone numbers not reaching anyone, and crying. I simply asked if she was ok? She said "no." and started crying. I walked over to her, and asked if I could hug her.....she said "I really need that today."
Like a flood that was being held back, she then told me that her husband is not doing well, because the water, was blood and she can't reach anyone to be with her. I simply said, "i"ll be with you, until someone come." She just cried and cried, and I asked if I could pray with her. As simple of an act as that may be.......that was love for me, and for her. That's all God is asking us to His Arms, His eyes, His feet......His Hands. Be obedient to His call:)

P- Lord, I thank you for the divine opportunity to administer love to this woman in the hospital. I ask you to bring on the more......more opportunities. Please help me to not be too busy to catch the opportunities that you put before me. I want to be your Hands that hold the one who needs comforting, the arms that hug the one that needs loving, your eyes that see the needs of the hurting and less fortunate.....for this is Love. Teach me, because it's all there is to be and without it I am nothing.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New Thing

S: Mark 7:15 – There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him, but the things which come out of him those are the things that defile a man.
O: The disciples were criticized for eating without washing their hands as was the custom. Jesus shows that if we put customs and traditions before the word of God we are in trouble. It is not what a man eats or whether he washes his hands that defile him but those things that come out of a man’s heart (sin) that defiles him.
A: The people criticizing Jesus and the disciples were putting their customs and traditions before God. Customs and traditions are good things. Many of us have traditions around the holidays and we enjoy them. It’s when we get so focused on our customs and traditions and fail to see what God is trying to do right in front of us that we miss the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing NOW. It wasn’t really about hand washing at all. Jesus was doing things and moving in ways that defied tradition. He hung out with sinners. He healed lepers. He moved among the sick, the lost and the broken. Jesus dealt with the hearts of the people and looked beyond what customs and traditions required. He got right to the heart of the matter. Our hearts. Whatever is in our hearts will come out – sin or compassion, fear or faith. I cringe when I hear things like “we’re going to do it this way because that’s the way it’s always been done”. What if God wants it done another way. When we get stuck in this mindset we are walking dangerous ground. God does not always move in exactly the same way. Are we closing our minds and our hearts to what God is really trying to do?
P: Father God clean my heart. I give my heart to you. Examine it for sin, for lack of faith, for anything that gets in the way of what you want to do in me and through me. Forgive me for all the times I was stuck in tradition and didn’t see what you were trying to do all around me. Forgive me for missed opportunities. Give me eyes to see what you are doing now. Give me a clean heart to pour out your love and mercy. Use me Lord. I don’t want to miss out on what you have for me and for those around me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Signs all around me

S: Numbers 14:11 - The Lord said to Moses, “How long will these people treat me with contempt? How long will they refuse to believe in me, in spite of all the signs I have performed among them?
O: The Israelites were grumbling and complaining saying that they should have stayed in Egypt and died there despite all of the miracles which God had performed on their behalf.
A: Despite miracle after miracle the Israelites did not have the faith to believe that God would bring them through their “wilderness time”. Don’t we often do the same thing? There are miracles all around us yet when things become uncomfortable for us don’t we often rely on our power rather than trusting in the Lord to bring us out of the wilderness? Have you ever thought “I believe that God will set them free but I’m not so sure it applies to me?” When we work under our own power we lose out on what God has for us in the middle of those circumstances or that “wilderness time”. We lose out on the opportunity to grow our faith. The other day in worship God spoke to me and told me to thank him for every circumstance in my life. Now some of the circumstances in my life today are painful and are not acceptable to ME but God wanted me to name each circumstance by name and say “thank you Lord” over each and every one. From the big to the small. One by one I named them and I thanked him. Circumstance by circumstance those things in my life I felt I could not live with (or without) became less important. Less of a big deal and HE became the bigger deal until I could say “God I love you and if you want me to walk through this and this and that I’m willing if we’re doing it together. Just like the Israelites I had taken my eyes off of who my God is and focused on the circumstances around me. When my eyes focused back on the miracle maker I had hope and my faith grew.
P: Father God forgive me for all the times I have let you down by focusing on the circumstances around me instead of what YOU can do in my circumstances. There are miracles around me every day if I am looking for them. If I am seeking you. Father I have circumstances today but I don’t want to “do it alone”. I want to do them with you. Thank you for each opportunity in front of me today. Walk with me. Guide me. Show me the way.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


by Vivian Bills

Wednesday - February 23, 2011 - Numbers 12-13; Psalm 90; Mark 2

S - Psalm 90:17 May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us - yes, establish the work of our hands.

O - Moses was asking God for favor.

A - There are so many possibilities before us - ministries, careers, places to go, places to live, friendships and relationships to establish. A word was spoken recently that if the Lord is in it, it will be "easy." The path will be clear of obstacles and perceived difficulties will melt away. This is not always the case in what the Lord wants us to do, but it is the case when He speaks it. Let's ask the Lord to establish and bless the work, just as Moses did. If I am doing the Lord's work, I am very satisfied and fulfilled. If not, I find myself discontent and restless.

P - Oh, Lord, let Your favor rest on us! Establish the work of our hands for us - establish the work of our hands.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 2/22/11 Numbers 10.11; Psalm 27; Mark 1 - Remain Confident

S - Ps 27: 1-3,14 NLT, The Lord is my light and my salvation— so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble? When evil people come to devour me, when my enemies and foes attack me, they will stumble and fall. Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid. Even if I am attacked, I will remain confident... Wait patiently for the Lord Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

O - Because my Lord loves us and is our fortress and protector, we can remain brave, courageous and confident in the midst of the battle.

A - Oh boy - this bravery and confidence described in Psalm 27 is NOT what I have been feeling this past week. I am going through a difficult ministry situation and it's totally throwing me.  I feel like I'm toppling over. This is the perfect scripture for me this morning to remind me that with My Lord on my side, I can remain confident and not fall in fear - but I need to get my eyes and trust back on Him.

P - Lord forgive me for my fear, lack of trust and confidence.  I put my eyes on You as my fortress, my confidence, my protector.  Would you come rescue me from my fear, please?!  Only then will I be brave, courageous and confident.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Shake it Off!

Monday, 2/21/11 – Numbers 8,9; Acts 28 – “Shake it Off!”

S - Acts 28:5,6 – “But Paul shook the snake off into the fire and suffered no ill effects. 6 The people expected him to swell up or suddenly fall dead, but after waiting a long time and seeing nothing unusual happen to him, they changed their minds…”

O – Paul helped gather fuel for the fire and was attacked by a serpent, but God protected him. The enemy’s attack on Paul did not seem to surprise him or cause fear or confusion. It doesn’t appear that he shook the snake off out of terror. Obviously it was on him long enough for the people to take notice and make their remarks. It seems he was in peace, and chose to glorify God. The people who looked on no doubt thought the snake would kill Paul, but saw no harm come to him.

A – This incident reminds me of the words of Christ in Mark 16:18 “They shall take up serpents.” I believe God has equipped us in Christ to have our heart fixed and trusting in the Lord and in the strength and grace of the Lord we can shake off the attacks and temptations of the enemy, saying as Christ did, “Get behind me Satan.” People are watching our reactions and responses to our trials and tests.

P – Lord, teach us to keep our hearts fixed on You and the truth of your promises over our lives, so that when tests and difficulties come our way, we can respond in a manner that gives You glory and causes others to be in awe of Your faithfulness.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Restorer of my soul

S: Psalm 23:3: He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His names sake.
O: The Lord restores me and guides me in the way I should go.
A: I love this Psalm. It paints such an awesome picture of God taking care of us. The line that God really pointed out to me today were some very simple words “He restores my soul”. God is in the restoration business. He will start with our insides. “He restores my soul” and then watch his work spill over into our lives – our marriages, our children, our finances, our jobs, our ministries. If we will surrender to his restoration work in us he will make us new. Lately I’ve been noticing some areas in my life that need some restoration work. Areas where I have lost my focus on who God is. The beauty is as soon as I’ve had enough of “doing it my way” and I end up on my face on the floor saying the only prayer I can pray “Help Help Help Help”….. God’s response is immediate. My soul IS being restored. Those areas of my life are in the shop with the Lord right now and will emerge restored & new. And I did nothing except cry out for help. Thank you Jesus, restorer of my soul.
P: Father God I need you at the center of my life. I need to remember how dependent on you I am. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your willingness to restore what was lost. I am a work in process Lord. Give me the willingness Lord to surrender to the process so that you can finish your work in me. Amen.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


by Cathy Weymouth

Saturday 2/19/11 Numbers 5,6; Psalm 22; Acts 26 - SHARING GOD EXPERIENCES

S - Acts 26: 28, "Much more of this, Paul, " returned Agrippa, "and you will be making me a Christian!"

O - As I read through the book of Acts, I notice that Paul's witness is often simply his testimony!  In his defense before the King, Paul freely shares his Damascas Road experience and his call to preach the news of Jesus.  Even the King is being persuaded!

A - Let's be like Paul and simply share our testimony. Let's tell others of the experiences we've had with the Lord.  It's hard for someone to not be grasped by interesting God Tales!  I've often said to my pre-believing friends, "Guess what God did today?!!"  And then I proceeded to tell them!

P - Lord, our experiences with you are powerful.  People want and need a belief in the supernatural.  What better way to grasp their attention than to share our God Experiences with them?  Open the doors today for us to share, Lord.  And we'll be making Christians out of them yet!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Numbers 3 & 4; Acts 25


S--Numbers 3:6 “Nadab and Abihu however, fell dead before the Lord when they made an offering with unauthorized fire.”

O--These men were priest and they knew what and how to serve the Lord, however, they did not follow instructions and they died.

A--My study Bible says “Proximity to God’s holiness requires righteousness and obedience…” Day in and day out we live our lives, some giving thought to God’s holiness, goodness and mercy, and others just taking it all for granted. I am thankful that I am under the new covenant, where Jesus has already paid the price and I am under God’s grace. Does living under grace mean that we do not have to be mindful of God? No, but BECAUSE of His mercy and grace to us we should be even MORE mindful and MORE willing to obey His Word.

P Oh God, help me to be aware of Your presence, love and mercy towards me and help me to live in obedience to Your Word.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Feb. 17, 2011 Numbers 1,2; Acts 24 "Stay Steadfast & True"

Thursday Feb. 17, 2011

Numbers 1,2; Acts 24
"Stay Steadfast & True"
S-Acts 24:12 My accusers did not find me arguing with anyone at the temple, or stirring up a crowd in the synagogues or anywhere else in the city.

O- Paul is being brought before the judge by a lawyer named Tertullius and some of the elders. They were accusing Paul of being a ring leader and stirring up the people and the city with riots among the Jews, and even tried to desecrate the temple, so they seized him and brought him before the judge, to be persecuted and put away in prison. Paul was his own public defender, and did not have a lawyer. Even in these circumstances of being wrongly accused, Paul stayed true to his beliefs in God and his fruits of the spirt prevailed in his own defense.

A- Even after being brought before a judge and wrongly accused and judged, Paul remained level headed and his character stayed stayed strong and he was an influence. I know there are times in my life when there have been judgements against me that in my heart of hearts sting and I believe are not true, but how does my character look on the outside, even though I am crushed on the inside. God wants us to always be of true character, not only when things are going in our favor, but the real tests are when they are not. How do we respond, when someone cuts us off at the red light, or leans on their horn, when we have no clue, to what we are doing wrong. Those are the true life tests, the test of our character. I so want to pass those tests.

P- Father, thank you for tests and trials. Thank you that you are the judge, our only judge and it is only your opinion and your thoughts of your children that should matter. Teach me to only care about what you think, and help me to develop a character that is consistent and does not waver with the measure of the intensity of the tests, but keep me strong and well fed with your word when things are well, so that when tests come, I am strong. Just like strength, so when the tougher exercises come, I will have built my muscle to be able to handle the increase in the intensity of the exercise. Amen

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


by Vivian Bills

Wednesday - February 16, 2011 - Leviticus 26-27; Acts 23 

S - Leviticus 26:3 If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands,...

O - God is speaking to the Israelites conditionally, telling them that He will bless them if they obey Him.

A - There is a reward for obedience. Sometimes I think that we spoil our children. Why bribe them into doing something they should just be doing because they're living and breathing? However, when I look to God for an example, I see that this is just what He does. He says that if we obey Him, He will bless us. God, as our heavenly Father, doesn't constantly and consistently punish us for our wrongdoings (which I tend to do with my children.) But He DOES reward us for obedience - my blessed life is a testimony to this.

P - Lord, help me to concentrate more on rewarding my children for their good behavior as opposed to punishing them for their bad. I thank You for Your grace and mercy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Hope is in You!

by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 2/15/11 Leviticus 25; Ps 25-26; Acts 22 - My Hope is in You!

S - Psalm 25:3,5,21 - No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.  May integrity and uprightness protect me because my hope is in you.

O - The word HOPE jumped out at me when I read this psalm today. In Hebrew the word is Quavah; it means to bind together by twisting, to be joined, to expect, to lie in wait, to look for patiently, to hope, to be confident, to trust (Zodhiates Hebrew Greek Key Study Bible).

A - I am going through a difficult situation right now that is discouraging me a bit.  I needed this reminder to put my hope, my trust in my Lord and to wait expectantly for His outcome.  I love the message version of verses 15,  "If I keep my eyes on God, I won't trip over my own feet!" And verse 21 - "Use all your skill to put me together; I wait to see your finished product!"

P - Ah Lord, I put my eyes on You in this situation.  I wait to see what will come of it. I bind myself together with you and wait upon You. You are the God of Heaven and Earth and even these situations that try to trip me up.  My hope is in You!

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011 Lev. 23-24; Ps. 24; Acts 21 "Wake up sleepy head"

February 14, 2011
Lev. 23-24; Ps. 24; Acts 21
"Wake up sleepy head"
S- Psalm 24:9 (NIV) lift up your heads, O you gates. Lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. (The Message) Wake-up, you sleepyhead city! Wake up, you sleepyhead people! King of Glory is ready to enter.

O- David is writing that the King of everything, the one who created the Heaven and the earth, and everything in it, and you and me wants to come into your heart and live in you forever. He says don't be sleeping, don't be slacking, and being lazy wake up and keep your hearts pure & clean for those are the ones who can climb God's holy mountain.

A- We have sung this song for a long time in church. It never ministered to me as it did today when I was reading it over and over trying to figure out what it was really all about. The words in this scripture and in the song "that the King of Glory may come in," hearts ready, and minds clear to only be thinking about Him. Wake up, is what I did......wake up that Hello, the one who not only created me and everything else that is on this earth and universe, wants my attention and wants my got it Lord.

P- Thank you Lord that your word renews us everyday. That words that we may hear over and over again, can one day wake us up by the spirit and power in your word. Be the King of Glory in my life, take transform it, remake it, what ever you need to do, I want to climb with you, your holy Mountain. Amen
Happy Valentine's Day<3

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Am I a laborer?

S: Acts 20:35 – I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, “It is more blessed to given than to receive”.
O: Paul knew he would find trouble in Jerusalem. He is urging the Ephesians to take care of other people and to give to others. These were people who were overseers of the early church and Paul is encouraging them to continue their work even if he is not physically present with them. Paul refers to the church as “the church of God which He purchased with his own blood”.
A: The words of Paul should ring true to us today. As we examine our lives in 2011 are we laboring for the church of God? Do we support those that are weaker than we are? Do we believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive? Or are we comfortable? Do we sacrifice our time and our resources to help those that are struggling? Do we take phone calls from those facing desperate times even when its not convenient or do we simply press the “decline” button on our phones? Do we give sacrificially or only when its easy? My journey may not be your journey but I made a decision to follow Jesus. I am far from perfect at it. There are lots of areas of my life where I fall short. We are the present day custodians of the church that Jesus died for. Are we doing our part? Are we serving? Are we giving?
P: Father God thank you for the early church and your disciples who came to show us the way. Teach me today to be a true disciple. To labor without expectation of a reward. To give even when I don’t have much to give. I give my life to you Lord – make of it what you will. Amen.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Opportunity for All To Believe

S - Acts 19:9-10 - "...He took the disciples and had discussions daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. this went on for two years so that all the Jews and Greeks who lived in the province of Asia heard the Word of the Lord."

O - The Apostle Paul was an evangelist who found regular opportunities to share the gospel and testify of Christ, both in the synagogues and in lecture halls. Everyone Jew and Greek got an opportunity to hear the gospel.

A - I need to find a way to share my faith on a regular basis. Evangelism needs to be a planned priority in my life.

P - Holy Spirit, use me to share the gospel. Open doors, forums, regular oppotunities to share the gospel so that everyone gets an opportunity to hear the gospel. Open opportunities and open hearts. Amen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Leviticus 15-17; Act 18

by Mary White

S--Acts 18:26b “When Priscilla and Aquila heard him they invited him into their home and explained to him the way of God more adequately.”

O--Apollos was speaking with boldness in the synagogue. He was a learned man and had much knowledge of Jesus. However, he did not have a personal relationship with Him.

A--Priscilla and Aquila are a wonderful example of great teachers. They could have publicly rebuked Apollos or corrected him. Instead they befriended him and shared truth with him. I believe that this did not embarrass him but inspired him. We are to be more like Priscilla and Aquila, lovingly and humbly presenting the truth of the Word of God to others. This is a great example of servant leadership.

P--Lord help me to be a friend to those around me. Help me to receive correction with a right spirit. Teach me to be more like you; leading others with a servant’s heart.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Feb. 10, 2011 Lev. 13 & 14 Acts. 17 "It's a Match"

Thursday Feb. 10, 2011
Lev. 13 & 14 Acts. 17
"It's a Match"
S-Acts 17:11 Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

O-Paul & Silus were sent to Berean to the Jewish Synagogue to preach the good news. Where ever they went, some listened to what they had to say, and some didn't. Some even mocked them and criticized them. The Berean's they got their scriptures and compared what Paul & Silas were saying to what the scriptures said, and found it to be true.

A- The Berean's were the smart people, and they had great character. They weren't rude to Silus & Paul, and didn't challenge them to what they were saying, or judge them. They took what they were saying to the scriptures, and compared the message their were preaching to that. They found it to be true. Some times we do that too. We listen to what someone else is telling us about something and we believe it. Sometimes even about people. God wants us to take the messages we receive and compare them to His word. He also wants us to take what people say about someone and line it up with their character, and the truth of what you know about that person. You can't believe everything you's best to be a leader and know the truth, then to be a follower and follow what someone else believes.

P-Father, take me into your word even more. Give me a hunger to devour your word daily, and to know the truth of what your word says. You give us a lifetime to learn and read your word, let me not waste a day of learning and having the opportunity to know the truth so the truth sets me free. Help me to be the best leader of spreading your truth and knowing your word, and not relying on someone else's interpretation or opinion. Amen

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


by Vivian Bills

Wednesday - February 9, 2011 - Leviticus 10-12; Acts 16

S - Leviticus 11:45 I am the Lord, who brought you up out of Egypt to be your God, therefore be holy, because I am holy.

O - God is speaking to the Israelites in the desert, reminding them of their deliverance and commanding them THEREFORE, to be holy.

A - I can say that God delivered me from my personal Egypt. I was a prisoner of depravity and He set me free and led me to this abundant life that I live now. And God says BECAUSE of this,TH EREFORE remembering this always, I am to be holy. He took me away from that life so that I could say He is my God and because I am His, I am to be holy. What more motivation do I need?

P - Mold me and make me into Your image, Lord. Forgive me for the times I have sinned and failed to be holy. Make me holy, Lord, in Your name I pray.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple Grace

by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 2/8/11 Leviticus 7-9; Acts 15 - Simple Grace

S- Acts 15:10 JBP, "Why then must you now strain the patience of God by trying to put on the shoulders of these disciples a burden which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear? Surely the fact is that it is by the grace of the Lord Jesus that we are saved by faith, just as they are!"

O - Some disciples from Jerusalem had traveled to Antioch and began to place "The Law" on the shoulders of Non-Jewish Believers. But James admitted that not even the Jewish fathers had been able to bear the Law!  So they discussed this dilemma and decided to send a letter with simple words of encouragement, releasing these people from further expectations.  It is by Grace that we are all saved. Period.

A- Do we sometimes make the gospel too complicated?  Do we put too many works on people, others as well as ourselves? Jesus has done it all - we are to live in that. Look at the results of Grace - v 31, "They handed over the letter to them. And they, when they read it, were delighted with the encouragement it gave them."  Let's encourage others with the Gospel of Grace, not Works and Law. Let's stop "straining the patience of God!"

P - Father, I believe we have it all mixed up... Old Covenant and New. Teach us the difference and the ability to walk free of Law and simply in the Life of Jesus.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Feb. 7, 2011 Lev. 4-6; Act. 14 S- "Power of Influence" Acts

Monday Feb. 7, 2011

Lev. 4-6; Act. 14

S- "Power of Influence" Acts 14:4 The people of the city were divided; some sided with the Jews, others with the apostles.

O- Paul & Barnabus went to Jewish synagogue to preach the message to the Jews and Gentiles. Those that did not believe in what they were saying, used their opinions to influence those who were believing the word, and poisoned their minds, to turn follow their influence and not the influence of Paul & Branabus. Thus, the city became divided.

A-Our opinions are not always the truth, it's jut our opinion of what we think and feel are the truth. When we use our opinions to sway and influence others, it's not good, especially if it is in a negative way. False statements can poison the minds of even the open-minded. It is so important for us to get our information first-hand rather than from others. God wants us to speak with pure hearts and minds, and not just give our opinion. God influencers is what He is looking for.

P-Father, help me to keep my opinion to myself, especially if it is about another person. Teach me to see things through your eyes and not judge and wrongly accuse.
Let us be God-influencer that work together for the Kingdom and not influence a divide, with a negative opinion. Unity and pure hearts and minds is what I long for. Amen

Sunday, February 6, 2011

True Disciples

S: Acts 13:46 – Then Paul and Barnabas grew bold and said “It was necessary that the word of God should be spoken to you first but since you reject it and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, behold we turn to the gentiles.
O: Paul and Barnabas were sent out by the Holy Spirit. They preached first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles. The Jews looked down upon the Gentiles and because they did not find them “worthy” of receiving God’s word the Jews themselves rejected the words of the disciples and did not receive the gift of everlasting life.
A: We must be careful not to fall into that same trap. We are not called to pick and choose who receives salvation. We are simply called to spread the good news to all nations, to all people. If we are obedient to what God has told us to do – that means we will share the message with sinner and saint alike. Jesus was ridiculed for hanging out with sinners. We are called to be true disciples of Christ – to follow in his footsteps. To boldly call sin for what it is and offer those trapped by it a way out. No matter who they are. No matter what they have done. God offers each of us a way out. There was a time I was not deserving of salvation but God used some amazing people to offer it to me anyway. I owe God my life. I am eternally grateful that those people did not judge me by what I looked like on the outside but instead put their arms around me and offered me a new way of life.
P: Father God thank you for offering me a way out. Let me not judge who else deserves to be set free but to offer everyone around the freedom that I have found through a relationship with you. Thank you that there is freedom for everyone!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who do I Honor?

S - Ps. 15:4b "...honors those who fear the Lord, who keeps his oath even when it hurts, who lends his money without usury and does not accept a bribe against the innocent."

O - IN this Psalm, we see what God values. He values character expressed in our day to day life. We should do what is right, be truthful, and use our words not to hurt but to help. We should keep our promises and our integrity. Then the Psalmist delves deeper moving form our outward actions to our inward thoughts, asking us to think about what we value and who we honor? In our society, we often value ability and productivity above character, so we value a profane football player or a singer or actor who is ungodly and indecent. Even in the church, we often honor people with great ability and turn a blind eye to how they treat people and how they live their lives. According to this scripture, we are not to honor vile people, and we are to value and honor people of character. What would it be like if in our homes, our workplaces, our churches, and our media, we took time to honor people of outstanding character?

A - Who can I publically honor today for their character?

P - Lord, help me to be a person of character and a person who actively values and honors people of character?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Exodus 37,38; Psalm 19; Acts 11

S--Psalm 19:14a; “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight…”

O--The Psalmist was talking about the laws of the Lord and how they kept him from falling into sin; and his own desires to please God in every area of his life.

A--In this Psalm we hear how David wanted to please God, not only in word and deed, but also in his thought life. He wanted to be holy and pleasing to God. Our thought life can either lead us into feeling like victims or to bring us into vulnerability and victory. No one knows what we are thinking…so who cares? God cares. Instead of thinking about “how they’ve done me wrong…“ we need to be thinking on “how do I forgive and go on.“ Instead of thinking “it’s not fair” we need to be thinking “help me see Your hand in this situation.“ To be pleasing to Him we need to be able to meditate on things that are pure, holy, and of good report…these are the things we need to be spending our thought life on.

P--Father, I want to be like the Psalmist… I want every area of my life to be pleasing to You. Please help me when my mind starts to wander towards the negative and bring me back to dwell on the beauty of Your love and provision for me. My desire is to be pleasing to You. I need Your help.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Feb. 3, 2011 Exodus 35 & 36 Acts. 10 "We all have a Gift" S- Exodus 36:7 Because what they already had was more than enough to do all the

Thursday Feb. 3, 2011

Exodus 35 & 36 Acts. 10
"We all have a Gift"
S- Exodus 36:7 Because what they already had was more than enough to do all the work.

O-The Lord sent Moses into the lands to gather up all the gifts and talents to help with the construction of the temple. There was an over abundance of gifts and offerings, ad the Lord had to say
"enough.....we do not need anymore gifts or offerings." Those that He called, came with great hearts and ready to give their all.

A- Wow, there was some Synergy happening for the Tabernacle. So much energy and excitement to bring their gifts and talents to make it all happen.The Lord called them, to bring all their gifts and talents to move towards the same accomplishment and the same goal. This shows us how
God gives us all different gifts and talents and each one is used and needed for God's purpose...we each have a Purpose. If we take our gifts and talents and use them for God's purpose we can do so much. The tabernacle
was HUGE job, BUT GOD already had all that was needed in the hearts of the people, they just needed to say "Yes" and bring them forward.. God can do many wonderful things when we are willing and able to give with what He has given us. Can you imagine what we could do in our church or community, school, work place if we all took our gifts and talents and work together for the same purpose....Wow!

P- Oh Lord, let know God given talent or gift go to waste, or feel useless. You have given each of your children a gift and talent, please reveal them to those who cannot see it, and then help us to put it to use for the Kingdom. The body of Christ is made up of many gifts and us to orchestrate and put those gift and talents to work for our church, and to have a synergy while doing so.
Thank you for my gifts and talents, use them for your Glory and your Kingdom:) Amen

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


by Vivian Bills

Wednesday - February 2, 2011 - Exodus 33-34; Psalm 16; Acts 9

S - Acts 9:31 Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace and was strengthened. Living in the fear of the Lord and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it increased in numbers.

O - During this time of peace, the church became strong; it did not weaken from lack of activity. People were revering the Lord, Holy Spirit encouraged them and more people came to the Lord.

A - Holy Spirit is an encourager! Be encouraged! My friends who are down and depressed, listen up! To live in fear of the Lord means to follow His commands. Respect Him, worship Him. The early church did this and they were strengthened and encouraged. Allow yourself to be encouraged. Allow myself to be encouraged? Yes. Dwell on the goodness and glory of our Lord. When we constantly dwell on our personal troubles, we get into a selfish swirley which prevents us from looking UP. Look up. Be encouraged.

P - Lord, help me to stop complaining and being discouraged. Draw my eyes to You as I follow You and not my own circumstances. Holy Spirit, I welcome You with open arms. Encourage me, in Jesus' name I pray.