Friday, February 18, 2011

Numbers 3 & 4; Acts 25


S--Numbers 3:6 “Nadab and Abihu however, fell dead before the Lord when they made an offering with unauthorized fire.”

O--These men were priest and they knew what and how to serve the Lord, however, they did not follow instructions and they died.

A--My study Bible says “Proximity to God’s holiness requires righteousness and obedience…” Day in and day out we live our lives, some giving thought to God’s holiness, goodness and mercy, and others just taking it all for granted. I am thankful that I am under the new covenant, where Jesus has already paid the price and I am under God’s grace. Does living under grace mean that we do not have to be mindful of God? No, but BECAUSE of His mercy and grace to us we should be even MORE mindful and MORE willing to obey His Word.

P Oh God, help me to be aware of Your presence, love and mercy towards me and help me to live in obedience to Your Word.

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