Saturday, April 7, 2012

"I am desperate for You"

Saturday, April 7,2012 – I Samuel 1,2; Ps. 66; 2 Cor. 7

S=Scripture; O=Observation; A=Application; P=Prayer

“I am Desperate For You”

S – I Samuel 1:10 “.”And she was in bitterness of soul, and prayed to the Lord and wept in anguish.

O- Hannah is in the house of the Lord. She is heavily grieved in her spirit because she has not been able to bear a child. The heaviness of her heart from being barren (which was considered a curse in those days) and the constant humiliation she had to bear from those who provoked her brought her to a place of “desperation for God”.

A – Like Hannah I believe many of us have found ourselves, in that place that is “desperate for God”, desperate for Him to hear and move on our behalf or that of someone we love. So desperate that like Hannah whose lips were moving her words could not be heard because they were coming from the depths of her heart. It wasn’t important that others couldn’t hear her prayer, God heard, and gave her the desire of her heart… a son. Our prayers of desperation are heard by our heavenly Father too. The prayer for a loved one, or friend, to be healed from sickness and disease. The prayer for unsaved loved ones in our family and those who we don’t know that need to know the One who died for them, and yes that prayer for the miracle of birthing a child. Being “desperate for God” takes us to that place where no one else needs to hear our prayer, only God because He is the only One we need to believe in! It also takes us to a place of surrendering all no matter what the cost, just as Hannah willing surrendered Samuel. There is something else I believe. Just as the Lord heard and answered Hannah’s “desperate for God” prayer, He also hears and answers our prayers when we are in that place of being and saying with all of our hearts…” I am desperate for You.”

P – Thank you for that place Father where we can come when are desperate for You to move on our behalf or on the behalf of others. Thank you for not only hearing us when we cry out to You, but being faithful to answer. No matter how impossible the situation, You are God and nothing is impossible for You. Thank you for Your faithfulness and Your great love towards us. Amen.

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