Saturday, September 18, 2010

Living in Darkness

S- Luke 1:79 - "to shine on those living in darkness ..." (NJKV - To give light to those who sit in darkness ..."

O - Have you ever been on a cave tour, deep underground, and the guide decides to show you what the utter darkness of the cave is like. He or she turns the light off for a minute. It is a very strange feeling to be in such total darkness. You feel very isolated and almost disembodied. You can't see anyone and you can't even see yourself! I found it very uncomfortable to be in a cave in that darkness and so did a small child who was on the tour. The child began to scream, this raw terrible scream. I remember being angry, because the guide kept the lights off as that child continued to scream. Finally the lights came back on. Part of John's job description was to shine the light on those living in darkness, but at a low time in his life,while in prison, he too came to a dark place.

A - When I am in a dark place, isolated, cut off, unable to see my way out, I need to cry out to God and others to help me find my way.

P - Lord, help us to realize that we can minister to people who are in a dark place, and help us to know that when we are in a dark place, to reach out to others for help.

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