Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Always Have Choices

S- Daniel 2:21 - "He gives wisdom to the wise."

O - Daniel was part of an elite group that showed gifting for learning and leadership. This group was kidnapped and brought to a foreign country. Though much was out of Daniel's control, he realized that he still had choices. In chapter one, verse 8, Daniel chose self- control in his diet. He did this in a wise, tactful way by asking for permission and offering a 10 day trial. When faced with a life threatening situation, he wisely knew his limits and called for prayer. When given an amazing insight, he wisely remained humble and gave God all the glory. When promoted to a high position, he wisely remained connected to his friends who could keep him grounded.

A - In every circumstance, even unfair out of control circumstances, we still have choices.

P - Lord, help us to make wise choices in the area of self-control, in relationships, and in handling both successes and challenges.

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  1. Wow, Sue, you got a lot out of that reading! You make some great points here. Daniel seemed to be very wise not only in the wisdom download he received, but in how to handle things. May we handle things in our lives as productively and kindly as he did.