Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Sept. 9 Lam. 1,2 Obad; Rev. 14 You Decide

Thursday Sept. 9

Lam. 1,2 Obad; Rev. 14
You Decide
S-(MSG) Rev. 14: 7 "Fear God and give HIM glory! His hour of judgement has come! Worship the make of Heaven and earth, salt sea and fresh water!

O-this passage in revelation talks about the vision of the end times, and when the harvest will come, through great tribulation the satan brings upon the earth, who pretends to be God. Those that choose God and worship Him will have eternal life, and be saved. Those that choosed the beast that will perish.

A- Reading in revelations is a wake up call. It really is going to happen one day, and it can happen any day.......what will you decide? But in reality doesn't the decision happen every day..........We will not know the day or hour of our death, so to keep my walk with Jesus to be the best it can be, and to be Ready, Ready at all times, not just in the end times.

P-Oh Father, purify my heart, purify my mind, purify, my actions so that I am always ready to meet you in heaven. Thank you for the wake up call in your word, and for your teachings, so that we have the what is needed and then decide whether to walk with you, or walk without. I choose you, forever. Amen

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