Saturday, March 3, 2012

Entering In

Saturday, March 3, 2012 – Num. 32, 33; Ps. 29; Mark 10
S=Scripture; O=Observation; A=Application; P=Prayer

“Enter In”

S – Mark 10:23 “Then Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God.”

O- Jesus was letting his disciples know that it is hard for someone who has riches to enter the kingdom of God.

A – I saw this verse with different eyes today. All that we have, and all that we possess belong to God, but He gives us the choice to use what we posses, any way we choose. I believe His heart is that we will take what He has given us and use it towards those things that are eternal. Sometimes the things that we posses hold us back from “entering” into the work of the kingdom of God. He asked the rich man to sell all that he possessed to provide for the poor. By doing this he would have “entered into the kingdom” or putting it another way, the rich man would have “entered into the work of the Lord “by using what he possessed for the kingdom of God and in this case feeding the poor. I have found when I’ve purchased something that I have wanted, it only gave me joy and happiness for a season. On the other hand, when I take what I posses and use it for the kingdom of God I still feel the joy of that deed to this day. Jesus said, I see what my Father is doing and I join Him. Sometimes the things we own can blind our eyes and cover our hearts so we will not be able to see or feel the spiritual things of God. Entering in begins here, and here is where we build our treasurers in heaven by doing the work of the Father. The Lord hasn’t asked me to sell all that own and give it to the poor, but He has asked me to enter into His work with what He has given.

P – Help me Father not to hold onto or love the things I own so tightly that should you ask anything of me I won’t be afraid to open my hands and say all that I have is yours. Take what you need Father for I am yours and all that I have is yours.

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