Sunday, March 25, 2012

A tale of two tables

Sunday March 25, 2012 - Joshua 21-22; Psalm 47; 1 Cor 10

S: 1 Cor 10:21 - You cannot drink the Lord's cup and the demon's cup. You cannot partake of the Lord's table and the demon's table.
O: Paul is recounting the high price the Israelites paid when they fell into sin by worshiping idols and admonishing us that there is no sin that is beyond human resistance.
A: OUCH right? You can't serve God and sin at the same time. Paul tells us to flee any sort of idolatry or venerating anything more than God. God has extended an invitation to us like no other - an invitation to eternal life with Him. There is no temptation in our lives that can't be overcome. I get this picture of two tables set as if for a banquet. One is beautiful and loaded with mouth-watering food and drink. The other is dark and ugly and all the food on it is spoiled. Not exactly a tough choice. Turn from the "demon's" table and enjoy all the Lord has provided for you at his table. There is a seat reserved there just for you.
P: Father God give me the courage and strength to resist all temptation today; to live with purpose and choose your cup and your table always over that of the Enemy. Amen.

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