Tuesday, March 23, 2010


by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 3/23/10 - Josh 15-17; 1 Cor 8 - REFRESHING SPRINGS

S - Josh 15:18,19 "What is it?  What can I do for you?" Caleb asked.  And she (his daughter) replied, "Give me another present!  For the land you gave me is a desert. Give us some springs, too!"  Then he gave her the upper and lower springs.

O - In conquering the promised land, Joshua was assigning territories to families as directed by the Lord.  Caleb received a portion - his inheritance - and drove out the enemies. He also promised his daughter, Acsah, to anyone who would attack and capture the city of Debir. This was done by his nephew, who received her as a bride and the land as inheritance.  Then she asked for additional land, land with springs, as a wedding gift.

A - It is okay to ask more from our Father! Having received desert land, Acsah asked for springs and pools of water; a land of refreshment.  Sometimes we are caught up in the work and responsibilities of life and we miss the refreshing the Lord wants to give us.  I am guilty; I am realizing how driven I am. I need refreshing. Just as Caleb was very willing to give his daughter refreshing springs, our Father is wanting to give refreshment to us as well. It is part of our inheritance.

P - Father, give me those refreshing springs today, I ask.  Before I begin my work day, I am going to sit and meet with you.  Please replenish this tired soul, I pray.

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