Monday, April 19, 2010


Diana Kriesel

Monday, 4/19/10 – 1 Samuel 22; Psalm 17,35; Mark 6 – “Stir Up Fresh Revelation of the Goodness of God”

S – Psalm 35:28 – “And my tongue shall talk of Your righteousness, rightness, and justice, and of [my reasons for] Your praise all the day long.” [Amplified Bible]

O – David’s final prayer was that the people who looked for his vindication would have occasion to be joyful and praise the Lord for it. Because his enemies hated him without a cause, he was convinced that the Lord would vindicate him, giving him more reason to exalt and praise the Lord continually. David is determined to stir up the revelation of God’s righteousness in his heart, and then to speak out of the fullness of his heart.

A – David always looked for new proof of the kindness of God, which would always lead him to new acts of praise, causing his life to be a continual expression of thanksgiving. In like manner, we can, in the midst of the most difficult events of our lives, seek to find new reasons to praise our God. This will keep us from the moaning, groaning, whining and pity parties that come so naturally to us.

P – Lord, teach us to stir up new revelations of Your goodness, righteousness and faithfulness so that it will overflow from our hearts, out of our mouths. May Your faithfulness always pour forth from our lives.

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