Saturday, April 17, 2010

When Life Spins out of Control

S- Ps.59:7 - My God of mercy (of loyal love)

O - 1 Samuel 19 is a real life story of ups and downs, friends and foes, plots and counter plots, friendship, love, sacrifice and danger. It is the story of David, Johnathan, and Michal, David's wife when life was spinning out of control due to Saul's out of control behavior. Johnathan is caught between his love for his father and his love for his friend David. He attempst a "win-win" solution, trying to give his father Saul godly advice which will help Saul and David. At first he is successful, but then Saul erupts again in attempts to murder David.

A - Johnathan could not control Saul, but even in this "out of control" situation, he still had choices to make. Truth to apply - I am not responsible for the choices of others, but I am responsibe for my choices.

P - Lord, when life spins out of contro, show me what my responsiblity is. Lead me in correct godly choices and release me from "false responsibility" or guilt for what is out of my control. I will by your grace, do my part and I release false guilt and responsibility for that which is truly out of my control. In Jesus name, Amen.

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