Tuesday, October 5, 2010


by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 10/5/10 Esther 3-8; Luke 18 - FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

S - Esther 4:14 "And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

O - Esther had found favor with King, was appointed to the position of Queen, and then was in the opportune spot to save her fellow Jews from destruction. She was placed in a position of great influence for the advancement of the Kingdom. She recognized her position as one of influence and humbly set about to approach the King for the salvation of her race.

A - I LOVE this scripture!!  As Christians, we too are now royalty.  We have come to the Kingdom because of the love of the King.  He loves us and finds favor with us.  We are seated in Heavenly Places with Christ - to be loved and to love, to advance the Kingdom in our unique special way through our unique backgrounds, personalities and gifts.  God uses us just as we are for the good of others and His Kingdom.  Let's embrace our call!

P - Father, forgive us of wishing we were different, like someone else, or in a different position.  You have placed us here and now, just as we are, to love up on us and to flow through us as Your Vessels, Your Temples!  Let's rejoice in that and move forward in confidence knowing that we are in a royal position for such a time as this!!

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