Tuesday, October 12, 2010


by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 10/12/10 Nehemiah 7.8; Acts 1 GOD PUT IT INTO MY HEART!

S - Nehemiah 7:4,5  Now the city was large and spacious, but there were few people in it, and the houses had not yet been rebuilt.  So my God put it into my heart to assemble the nobles, the officials and the common people for registration by families.

O - Nehemiah was a man tuned into God.  He was originally distressed when he discovered that Jerusalem was in ruins, so he set about to rebuild the wall the and the gates. Certainly this was God's assignment placed into his heart.  He pressed through all the opposition by praying, seeking, following the Lord's leading.  Now he was motivated by God to register all the people who were in the land. He is sensitive to God's leading AND a man of action, carrying out the assignments regardless of the cost.

A - May we all be like Nehemiah!  May we be sensitive people, tuned into our spirits, sensing the gently leading of the Lord within.  May we join God in these leadings and follow through with the action necessary.  May we turn to God for strength when the going gets tough.  May we follow through AND finish what God leads us to do!

P - Lord, thank you for leading me.  May I become even more sensitive to Your Spirit within me.  May I be aware of those things you put on my heart, take action, follow through, and finish.  I thank you that you lead me like this in building Tune the Temple - adding to it each season. You put these things into my heart and I know You are leading me. Thanks!

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