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Monday Dec. 12. 2011
S-Scripture O-Observation A- Application P-Prayer

Hebrews 5-8

S-Hebrews 5:8 (NLT) Even though he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered.

O- Jesus was calling out to his father with 3 prayers, and also asked the disciples to be praying for him, because he was feeling unrest and troubled in his spirit. His father answered his prayers by strengthening him. None of us has ever felt the shame of pain of sin, as Jesus did.

A- We often want to run from God with our sin, the crisis, or the troubled times that we go through. Yet, it is in this place, where when we are obedient to him and ask for His will to be done, and trust him, he strengthens us to make it through the other side, because he walks through it with us. The best example I can think of is watching a family member or friend (someone close to your heart) or even ourselves, make really bad choices and hurt you, and offend you, and that relationship get fractured over those choices. It is the blood of Jesus, that give us the strength to go after that relationship, deal with the hurt, and forgive the ones we love.

P- Father, thank you for your example of obedience and truth. Please guide us to obedience, and walk through the things that may seem like they are the most difficult thing to deal with, and yet you give us the strength and often carry us through, when we say “not my will but yours”. Refresh us each day with the knowledge of endurance and love. Amen

Sorry.....I missed my turn yesterday:( A little busy....I forgot!

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