Sunday, January 22, 2012

Epic Failure or Epic Success?

Sunday, 1/22/12 – Exodus 3-5; Luke 22

S: Luke 22:32 – But I have prayed especially for you [Peter] that your own faith may not fail; and when you yourself have turned again; strengthen and establish your brethren.
O: Jesus is about to be betrayed and he is urging his disciples to pray for the strength to resist the temptation that was coming at them.
A: The story of Peter denying Jesus is familiar. Peter denied Jesus three times. Peter failed. Or did he? Peter was absolutely destroyed when Jesus’ prediction was fulfilled. He wept bitterly. He had failed his Messiah, his friend. Yet Peter’s faith in Jesus and what he stood for did not waver. He struggled his way through a dark place and came out the other side refined. It was Peter’s words that a few days later would put in motion a revolution that would change the world. Thousands were saved that day and Jesus’ followers were strengthened and established and they went out into the word to establish a new way of life. Those words “and when you have turned again; strengthen and establish your brethren” speak to me. It is often in those times when I feel like I have failed and I have nothing to offer ….those dark times that God is actually preparing me for what he has for me to do. The next thing. With God nothing is wasted – even our failures. God will use it all if we are willing to be used. Peter chose wisely.
P: Father God I came to you a failure and you loved me anyway. Today Lord I give you my all and pray that you can use it in some way to bring glory to you and your kingdom. Let it not be about me but ALL about you. Amen.

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