Friday, January 6, 2012


S=Scripture O=Objective A=Application P=Prayer

S- Gen. 16:2 “…so she said to Abram, “the Lord has kept me from having children. Go sleep with my maidservant, perhaps I can build a family through her. Abram agreed with what Sarai said.”

O-God had promised Sarai and Abram a child - but years passed and Sarai did not become pregnant…so she took matters into her own hands.

A- Two thoughts (at least) come to my mind with this scripture.
1, Wives can have a great influence over their husbands…they can either influence them to do good …or to do what is wrong.
2. God’s time is not always our time. He is not on our schedule. We need to believe Him and then wait upon Him. If He says He will do something then He will.
P- Lord, help me to trust Your timing in all things and not to run ahead of You. Also, Father help me to be a positive influence in the lives of people around me. I want them to see You in my words and actions.

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