Monday, July 19, 2010


by Diana Kriesel

Monday, 7/19/10 –2 Kings 17; 2 Chronicles 28; Psalm 46; James 6 - “HELP IS HERE!”

S – Psalm 46:5 – “God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.”

O – The language speaks of the confidence of the people of Jerusalem in times of impending danger. This is especially true of the New Testament Church, which is the "habitation of God through the Spirit" (Eph 2:22; 2 Cor 6:16).

A - This is a powerful promise that we can trust God to be present with us, His church.
He will not abandon us when we are in danger, He is there as our helper, protector, and refuge.

P – Thank You Lord for being in our midst, for being an ever present help in time of trouble! We have no need to fear, knowing You are with us!

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