Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday July 29, 2010 Is: 57-59, Ps.103; 2 Peter 3 S-"Dont be Distracted"

Thursday July 29, 2010
Is: 57-59, Ps.103; 2 Peter 3

S-"Dont be Distracted"
2 Peter 3:2 MSG bible: I've written to you, both letters reminders to hold your minds in a state of undistracted attention. Keep in mind what the holy prophets said, and the command of our Master and Savopir that was passed on by your apostles.

O-We are being told for the second time...... saying, "friends....don't be distracted and decieved." Keep your eyes focused on the Lord and His coming, as He will come like a theif in the night. Mocker's have said, this Jesus you talk about ....He is not coming, but Jesus says He is. He is waiting to give those that have not accepted Him a chance to have everlasting life. He says, "we live our lives as if nothing has changed." Be careful and don't be distracted by the things of the world, but keep yourseld holy, and building your relationship with God, so that you will know Him.

A- Here we are given a warning for the second time....why twice, because it is easily to get distracted and to be busy and go about ouor life without thinking that one day, our life will end one day. It is the most important thing to think about, eternity....where do you want to spend it. This scripture is a wake up for me, because I can get so busy and distracted and even though I am christian, "am I ready" I live each moment of my life without being distracted.....the answer is no. I need the Holy Spirit, my life's helpmate to help me to stay focused and not get tripped up, by stupid stuff.........

P- Lord, Thanks for the wake up call, your word. Sometimes it is so easy to be so busy, and be distracted by the busy-ness, even when it is for you, and for the kingdom. Help me, to keep my focus on the things that are pleasing to you, and the things that are good for me, that will be fruit to my life, and not destruction. Take my heart and mold it...... More, Holiness is all we need. Help us to be on our guard to keep our minds and souls clean for you and for ourselves. Amen.

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