Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday August 19, 2010 Jeremiah 45-47; Psa. 105; John 21

By Mary White

S--John 21:15-16 “”Simon do you truly love me?”…”yes Lord, you know that I love you“….”feed my lambs”…“Peter do you love me? ” “yes Lord”…“take care of my sheep“…“do you love me?” ” Yes Lord” “Feed my sheep“.

O--Before Christ was crucified, Peter denied Christ 3 times. Now Jesus is reinstating Peter.

A--Jesus asks Peter 3 times if he loves him and 3 times Peter replies yes, you know that I do. Jesus says “If you love me feed my lambs”…“take care of my sheep“ “Feed my sheep“. Jesus did not settle for “yes Lord you know I do”…He wanted actions to follow these words. Feed my lambs (new believers, perhaps). Jesus cares about new believers…He wants them to grow strong and straight and in the knowledge of God‘s great love for them. . “Take care of my sheep” (help them to live according to the Word, perhaps) as a young Christian I didn’t have a clue…but someone cared enough for me to teach me God’s ways…thank you. Three times, Jesus makes it clear that if we love Him we will feed and care for His sheep. This must have been very important to Him. We have many opportunities in the church today to feed the lambs and the sheep and to take care for them. However, how do we respond when asked to do so? “I can’t do that …I am too busy…it intimidates me… I am uncomfortable”. WORDS ARE CHEAP AND COST US NOTHING. There is a cost to serving God. We need to get over ourselves, hear what the Lord is asking of us and truly say “Yes Lord I love you (in word and deed.)

P--Oh God, forgive me for the times I was too busy, inconvenienced, or too scared to feed your sheep. Help me to love You in word and deed.

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