Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Aug. 5, 2010 2 Kings 23 Chr. 35; John 7

S-Timing is Everything John 7: 6 The right time for me has not yet come; for you any time is right.

O- Jesus was in Galilee, and He didn't want to go to Judea because He knew the jews were looking for a chance to kill him. Even Jesus's brother were manking suggestions as to what
He should do, and where He should go. That had suggested He even go up to the feast, so His disciples could get a good look at the WORKS you do. Jesus knew this wasn't His
knew this wasnt' His time, and rejected the suggestion.....even from family. He was in sync with God's timing, and not looking to please anyone, but Him.

A- Whenever I think of the word "timing" I think of when I was involved in skating. To be off timing to the music, and out of step, could cause a fall.....and it just didn't flow. People
My instructor could tell me all he wanted to tell me, but it was me that had to put the moves and the steps to the music. Same way with God. Anyone can give you a suggestion
or advice, but the bottom line is, that we have to walk out what we choose to listen to. The Holy Spirit has the best advice and the best timing. Even, when my timing is off,
and I may have rushed God's timing......He is the one who can get me back in step and on track. He picks me up when I fall down and resets the music.

P- Lord, help me to be patient and to listen to your beat, to stay on track and to be in your will. Even with some of the best advice by others, let me not take a step without checking
in with you first. Keep me in tune to the wonderful sound of your Spirit, and in timing with what you have for me in my Destiny. Forgive me for the times of jumping ahead, and not listening.....and falling right on my butt. Thanks for helping me back up Amen

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  1. Rob: this is a great reminder to wait for His time...and that even when we fail...He is there to pick us up.