Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday August 20 Jer. 48 & 49, Ps. 67 1John 1

Friday August 20
Jer. 48 & 49, Ps. 67 1John 1

S- Psalm 67:3 "A Psalm A Song" NIV-May the people praise you , O God may all the people praise you, O God.
MSG- God! Let people Thank you and enjoy you. Let all people thank and enjoy you.
O- Psalmist is making a song of how wonderful it is to give thanks to a merciful fair judging God. All the nations will see His goodnes and grace.
The message bible says, He will judge even the Far-Flung people fair and square. Let there be a Holy Joy upon us.

A- As I read this psalm, right from the start I could feel joy, and enthusiam come over me. For the Lord to smile upon us everyday.....what more could we ask for?
It's such a God feeling when someone smiles at you. It's a sense of welcome and approval, and an inviation to open up. That's what the Lord does for us.......
When we thank Him and give Him all the glory He smiles back at refreshing and rewarding is that:)

P- Lord thank you for your grace your mercy and your big smile that shines down on us. Even in the dreariest of days, your smile can make sunshine. Thank you,
for your uncoditional love, please teach us how to extend that unconditional love to others, and to give someone a big smile today:) Amen Have a GOD day!

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