Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Aug. 12 Jer. 10-12 John14 S- John 14 16-17

S- John 14 16-17
NIV- And I will ask the Father and He will give you another counselor to be with you forever---17 the Spirit of Truth
The MSG- I will talk to the Father and He will provide you another friend so that you will always have somone with you. 17-This friend is the spirit of Truth

O- Jesus is preparing His disciples and letting them know that He will be leaving and going to get a room ready for them. He also let's them know that He will be back to
get them. His disciples question Jesus about the Father being in him......and they ask Him how do we get there? His answer, I am the road the Truth and the Life, no one
gets to the Father without going through Jesus....."In Jesus Name." Jesus let's them know that they will not be alone, as He is leaving a friend with them.

A- What an awesome gift that Jesus leaves us, a friend.....the Spirit of Truth. The more you read the word and communicate to Jesus the more you know Him, and the more senisitive you
are to the Spirit. In return, the more you ignore the spirit, the more you can't hear his whispers and his directions and answers. What I love about the Spirit of Truth, is that no matter how
far you walk away, just a call on his name and He is there for you.....just like a God friend. The Spirit is an everlasting friendship with great advice and great direction:) I have a lot of God friends, that will speak the truth.

P- In Jesus name, I ask that the Spirit of Truth get louder and louder in my life. Let no darkness come to interfere with the tone of his voice in my spirit. Thank you Jesus, for leaving us a dear
friend that we can call on day or night, and not fear any judgement of condemnation, just peace and cousel and Love. In Jesus name........Amen

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  1. a wonderful and fresh reminder that we are not alone...that His Spirit lives within us. Thanks Robin