Tuesday, December 14, 2010


by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 12/14/10 Hebrews 12,13; Jude - JOY AWAITS!

S - Heb 12:1-2 GNB, So then, let us rid ourselves of everything that gets in the way, and of the sin which holds on to us so tightly, and let us run with determination the race that lies before us.  Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end.  He did not give up because of the cross!  On the contrary, because of the joy that was waiting for him, he thought nothing of the disgrace of dying on the cross, and he is now seated at the right side of God's throne.

O - Wow, Jesus knew what was waiting for him on the other side of the cross!  It had been prophesied and He anticipated sitting at the right hand of his Father.  He knew the joy that was waiting for Him!

A - I think maybe we could press on to finding breakthrough if we could imagine the joy that is waiting for us on the other side!  That sure helped Jesus! We need the testimony of others expressing the freedom and joy they found - so that we can even imagine it.  We need to get a picture of that future and what it will feel like.  Then maybe we'd be willing to pay the incredible cost of self-denial in order to get there.

P - Father, please give us images, tastes, glimpses, of that future joy. Without that future glimpse, we may find ourselves giving up, hopeless - because of the cost. But with that future sense of joy, we may be able to press on to the end!  Help us Lord!  Joy is awaiting!

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