Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Now I See!!

by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 12/21/10 John 9-11, "Now I See!!"

S - John 9:25 GNB, "I do no know if he is a sinner or not, " the man replied.  "one thing I do know; I was blind, and now I see."

O - Jesus set the blind man free when He mixed mud with spit and put it on the man's eyes.  He performed this miracle on the Sabbath, so some the Pharisees were convinced He was a sinner - as He did not obey the Sabbath law.  They were blind in their own way from seeing that Jesus was the Savior.

A - No one can argue with your testimony!! "I was blind and now I see," is irrefutable!  I was once a hopeless Compulsive Eater, bound in despair and self-hatred.  I was traumatized with this condition for 30 years.  But God!  I once was a Food Addict, but now I am free! I once hated myself, but now I enjoy who God made me to be.  I once was overweight and unhappy, but now I have peace in this area of my life!

P - Lord, thank You for Your miracle touches in our lives!  May we walk with our heads held high - free - because of Your faithfulness.  And may others come to know who You truly are - because of our testimonies!

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