Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Life of Surrender

S: Luke 23:46 - …:Father into your hands I commit my spirit”.
O: Jesus lived a life of total surrender. His last act here on earth was to surrender his spirit into his father’s hands.
A: Jesus’ entire life teaches us the importance of surrender. Jesus was completely surrendered to the will of the Father. Even when he faced suffering and death his prayer ends with “not my will but yours be done”. So often we use God as a pinch hitter – someone to cry out to when the bases are loaded and the other team is about to take the lead and put us out of the game. Jesus’ life of surrender shows us that what our goal should be – a life surrendered to the Father; seeking His will and not our own in ALL things. Surrender works. Twenty-two years ago I was lost and my hope was gone and I cried out to a God I wasn’t sure I believe in and I wasn’t sure believed in me. The only prayer I could muster was “help me”. That simple prayer led to a miraculous transformation in my life and was the first step toward what would become the most important relationship in my life – my relationship with God. All I had to do was acknowledge that I didn’t have any more answers and that maybe God did. Surrender was the key to a life that works.
P: Father God thank you for all that you have done for me. I am not the person I was when I cried out that first prayer. Lord I am lost without you. I surrender. My desire today is to be lost in you. Amen.

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