Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Loving Pursuit of Wisdom

S - Proverbs 29:3 - "Whoever loves wisdom, makes his father rejoice."

O - When I think of wisdom, I think of spiritual wisdom, and also of practical life wisdom. I think of the wisdom of perspective, integrity, healthy relationships, and wise decisions. I also think of the wisdom of learning from our mistakes. Of course, any parent will rejoice when their children, young or grown, have wisdom. What I love, what I value, what I treasure, I will seek. The bible tells us that wisdom is a gift form God that comes through diligent seeking and application. We need to act and live by the wisdom that we have, and seek for more. Our Father in heaven rejoices over this because He loves us and wants the best that wisdom can give us. Above wealth, above gifting, talent and opportunities, is the gift of wisdom. Without wisdom, we can squander and lose all those other gifts.

A - Today, I will ask God "What is the wise thing to do? What is the wise thing to say?"

P - Lord, how we need your wisdom. We humbly seek to read your word and listen for the wisdom that your Holy Spirit gives. We ask for your guidance and your wisdom, and the grace and strength to walk in it. Amen.

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