Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bringing Many Sons to Glory!

Tuesday 7/5/11 Hosea 2-5; Hebrews 2 - Bringing Many Sons to Glory

S - Hebrews 21:10, It was right and proper that in bringing many sons to glory, God (from whom and by whom everything exists) should make the leader of their salvation perfect through his sufferings.

O - God is bringing many sons (and daughters) to glory!  We are glorious sons in His Kingdom, adopted in by the suffering of Jesus. We get to go along for the ride, totally embraced, welcomed, gifted - all because of the work of Jesus, not because of our work!

A - I recently heard an audio teaching message by John Sheasby about this very topic.  I listened to several tracks numerous times, renewing my mind and saturating my spirit with the concept of self-respect and dignity.  We are God's children - worthy of being treated with respect by others because of the price Jesus has paid for our lives. We are glorious sons! If you struggle with self-care and self-respect, take a listen here to the September 2010 teaching, Glorious Sons.

P - Father, Jesus suffered so that we would be joint heirs with Him.  Thank you for your glorious plan which is bringing many sons to glory!  May we grasp what this really means. Amen.

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