Friday, July 8, 2011



S-Heb. 5; 14 “But solid food is for the mature who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”

O-The writer of Hebrews is warning against falling away from God. He is complaining that people, who should be teaching, are still on a diet of milk like infants and are not acquainted with the truths of God. He encourages them to turn to solid food.

A-This scripture states that by the constant use of the Word they have trained themselves. How do I grow in the knowledge of God and His Word…by being consistent in seeking Him, spending time with Him and reading and studying His Word. A child who grows up without training and education, grows up to be an adult but does not reach his potential, so we, as Christians, receiving our only training in church on Sundays will never mature and become strong men and women of God, able to re-present Christ to a hurting world. I want to know God and His ways. I want to be used by God. I want to be able to hand down God’s great love, mercy, and faithfulness to the next generation.

P- Father help me to be serious about my walk with you. Teach me Your ways and help me to walk in them.

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