Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carriers of the Scent of Christ

by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 11/15/11 Job 41,42; 2 Cor 1,2 - Carriers of the Scent of Christ

S = Scripture; O = Observation; A = Application; P = Prayer

S - 2 Corinthians 2:14-15 JBP, Thanks be to God who leads us, wherever we are, on Christ's triumphant way and makes our knowledge of him spread throughout the world like a lovely perfume! We Christians have the unmistakable "scent" of Christ, discernible alike to those who are being saved and to those who are heading for death.

O - Paul shares with the Corinthian Believers that he and his companions were led in their travels by the Spirit of God.  And that where ever they went, they brought the presence of Christ with them.

A - I love what Jason Cooper said during the Sunday AM service 11/13/11, "Where ever we go, we take the Kingdom of God with us." The Kingdom of God shows up - whenever we do! Can you imagine the difference we make in the world as Believers of Jesus and Carriers of His Spirit?  Let's grasp this reality with excitement and expectation today.  We are spreading the knowledge of Jesus like a lovely perfume. We carry the unmistakable "scent" of Christ. Wow!

P - Lord, use us today to carry Your scent into the world.  Thank you for our jobs and encounters where we faithfully bring the Kingdom - because we show up!  May our attitudes reflect our excitement in this reality.  May we get a new attitude if we need one - and be grateful for the places and assignments you send us to.  We are proud carriers of your Perfuming Presence.  Amen!

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