Monday, November 7, 2011


Job 30; Ps. 120; Gal. 3, 4


S – Psalms 120 “In my distress I cried to the Lord, and He
heard me.”

O – Psalms 120 is A song of Ascents and is a Plea for Relief
from Bitter Foes.

A - I am one who likes to look up the full meaning of
a word. I think I know what the word means, only to
find that it can encompass much more than I imagined. Take the word “distress” for instance which has an extensive and I might also add
a more inclusive definition. It means;
great pain, anxiety, or sorrow; acute physical or mental suffering; affliction;
trouble; A state of extreme necessity or misfortune, that which causes pain,
suffering, trouble, danger; liability or exposure to pain, danger….oh, and this
last one a damsel in distress!

The writer of Psalms 120 writes, “In my distress I cried, to the Lord and He heard me.” How do we know that the Lord heard him? He doesn’t expound on it any further, but
this I know, when my children or my grandchildren are in any type of distress
and they cry out to me, I do not turn a deaf ear to them, I respond! Now, if
I hear the cries of my children and grandchildren, how much more does our
Heavenly Father hear us? He hears the
faintest of cries. I will take it a step
further, we don’t even need to cry out loud,
He hears our hearts cry! My thoughts… I believe the one who scribed
the words “and He heard me,” could because
the Lord answered. The Lord’s ear is in tune with His children. He hears us when we call to Him. I can take comfort
in knowing that when I cry out as a “damsel
in distress”, not only will He hear,
He will answer.

P – Father I think of the many times I have been
sorrowful, anxious, troubled, afflicted, in great pain; and I can say that Your
ear was always turned towards my cry.
You never fail. You are Abba
Father, Daddy God the One who not only hears the cries of His children but who
also answers their cries. Thank you
Father for being my answer. Amen

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