Saturday, November 26, 2011

“No One Knows the Day or Hour”

Saturday, 11-26, 2011 – Matthew 23, 25

S=Scripture; O=Observation; A=Application; P=Prayer

“No One Knows the Day or Hour”

S – Matthew 24:42 “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.”

O – Jesus is responding to the disciples question, “Tell us, when will these things be?”

A – I love surprises, but I don’t like to be surprised. Now, that may sound contradictory, but there are surprises that you can expect, and then there are the unexpected surprises. Jesus spoke in parables and this seems to be turning out to be one right here! Someday we can expect our Lord and Savior to return. He has promised it! Men have tried to predict it and have failed in their attempts. If the Father didn’t make His son aware of the day or hour why would any man even attempt to predict the return of our Lord and Savior. Jesus gave us indicators and by the looks of things around us it could be soon. For those of us who are waiting for His return hopefully we will be in that watchful place of, “I knew you were coming Lord and it’s such a pleasant surprise! And not Lord, you surprised me I didn’t think you were coming so soon. That’s just it, we don’t know when He will return for His children. We see signs all around us. Hopefully we won’t be taken by “surprise” unawares, but be taken up to meet Him in the air. SURPRISE!

P- Father only You know the day, the time and the hour, of Your Son’s return. May we all be in a place of readiness, a place of watching, a place of waiting….in You. May we not be taken unawares, but be taken up at your return to join in the “surprise” that you have prepared for us.

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