Friday, February 19, 2010


Diana Kriesel

Friday, 2/19/10 – Numbers 5,6; Psalm 22; Acts 26– “FROM YOU COMES THE THEME OF MY PRAISE”

S— Ps 22:25- “From You comes the theme of my praise…” NIV

O— The psalmist cries out to God in this psalm, out of his need, his desperation, and his fear. At the same time, he vows to God that in the midst of it all, He will trust God to give him the “theme” of his praise. Of course we know, that God desires to fill us with trust in His faithfulness, kindness, love and mercy. And the psalmist declares that rather than dwelling on all the dangers, fears and threats toward his life, he chooses God’s ‘theme’ and makes it his praise. All of the praises that proceed from his lips are the fruit of his promise to trust in God.

A – This is such an encouragement to us when we go through difficulties and feel discouraged, that we allow the truth of who God is, and the truth of His promises to be the “theme” of our praise. It is so easy to allow our ‘theme’ to become the result of what we go through, rather than who we serve.

P – Lord, cause us to see You in and through all of our circumstances, and open our eyes to see that the “theme” of our praise can be so much more powerful as we focus on all You are, and all You have done!

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  1. What came to my mind as I read this is the idea of theme in a work of literature. The theme is the underlying idea woven through out the book. Despite all the individual plot twists, there is usually this underlying idea that the author is focused on and that sometimes the reader misses. May God be the theme of our lives and may we understand his underlying purpose for us despite all the ups and downs and swirling circumstances of our lives.