Friday, February 26, 2010


Diana Kriesel

Friday, 2/26/10 – Numbers 19,20; Psalm 28; Mark 5 – “SHE THOUGHT TO HERSELF”

S— Mark 5:28-29 – “For she thought to herself, "If I can just touch His clothing, I will be healed." And sure enough, as soon as she had touched Him, the bleeding stopped and she knew she was well!” (The Living Bible)

O – This woman had come to the end of her own resources, money, medical help for her bleeding condition of 12 years. She was so desperate that when Jesus passed through the area, she determined in her heart to get to Him, knowing that He was her last and only hope. The Bible says she talked to herself, “If I can just touch His clothing, I will be healed.” She pressed in and made her way through the crowd and found her way to Jesus, and was healed.

A – This story is well known, but one of my favorite parts of the passage is that the woman had to make some internal decisions in her mind. Had she not “talked to herself” and basically talked herself into pressing past all obstacles to Jesus, she may have become discouraged when the path was difficult. We need to take charge of our thought life when we face tough times so that we can, as David did in 1 Samuel 30, “encourage ourselves in the Lord.” As we think, so we go.

P—Lord, teach us to take control of our thoughts so that when we face the difficulties of life, we can strengthen ourselves and point ourselves toward Truth, toward Life, and toward the Lord Jesus Christ; our only Source for whatever our need is.

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