Thursday, February 25, 2010


S: Numbers 18:20 (MSG). God said to Aaron, "You won't get any inheritance in land, not so much as a small plot of ground. I am your plot of ground. I am your inheritance.
O: What an amazing inheritance! Aaron was not to receive a piece of land on which to live and plant. Aaron received an invitation. An invitation to live and set down roots in the Lord. God himself was to be Aaron's inheritance.
A: Aaron's inheritance can be ours too. God is extending the same invitation to us today. Plant ourselves in the perfect, fertile soil which is the Lord. Stretch out our roots and let them grow deep and strong. The opportunities for growth are endless! And can you imagine the harvest? Wow!
P: Father God I accept your invitation today. I want you as my inheritance. Plant me in you Lord. Let my roots stretch deep and let me grow strong and true in you. Let my life produce a harvest for you Lord - a harvest worthy of my King. Amen.

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