Friday, February 19, 2010

Never Waiver

Lori Somerville
Thursday February 18, 2010
S: Acts 25:25 (MSG) I looked into it and decided that he had committed no crime.
O: The jews wanted Paul executed because he (through his faith in Jesus) threatened their belief system and way of life. Yet Paul was found blameless. Paul's reliance was on the Lord even when he was falsely accused. He spoke simply and plainly, honestly and humbly in his own defense.
A: Paul was a follower of Christ. He never waivered in his purpose but kept his eyes on the Kingdom and his feet on the path before him. Paul was aware that there was something far bigger at work in his life and that even his suffering had a purpose for the Kingdom. Those false accusations must have stung. Paul must have wanted to speak out forcefully in his own defense yet he yielded his natural desires to the desires of the Lord.
P: Lord, no matter what our circumstances might be today help us to keep our eyes on you and our feet on the path you have made for each one of us. Thank you for your bigger purpose and your bigger plan at work in each of our lives. Let us not be distracted by the "false accusations" and "details" of our day.

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