Saturday, May 8, 2010

Entering into Joy

S- Mathew 25:21b - "Enter into the joy of your Lord"

O - We are invited to "enter into the joy" of our Lord and Savior based not on whether we are the best or the most talented, but simply on whether we are faithful and do our best with the resources that God has given us. To walk into joy, we need to stop comparing ourselves with others who may have different gifts, abilities and circumstances than us. I don't have to be the best at work, I only need to do my best faithfully,offer that to the Lord, and walk in his joy and approval. Ps 1 tells us that we are blessed (happy) when we walk in God's ways. Ps 32 tells us we are also blessed (happy) when we confess our sins and are forgiven, and Matthew 25 tells us that we can enter into God's joy and approval, when we are faithful with his resources.

A - I will avoid comparing myself with others which only leads to either feelings of inferiority or feelings of superiority, neither of which will help me "enter" into joy. I will enter and enjoy God's joy and approval as I walk in His ways, receive much needed forgiveness, and stay faithful to Him.

P - Lord, I thank you that you look at our hearts and our faithfulness. Free us from the bondage of comparing ourselves with others. Free us from looking to people for approval. Give us a glimpse of your joy and pleasure. Free us from false expectations. Help us to live our lives to your glory with the resources that you have given us.

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