Friday, May 7, 2010


Friday, 5/7/10 – 2 Samuel 13,14; Matthew 24 – “UNDER THE INFLUENCE”

S – Matt 24:45-46 - "Who here qualifies for the job of overseeing the kitchen? A person the Master can depend on to feed the workers on time each day. Someone the Master can drop in on unannounced and always find him doing his job.”

O – The church is the household of faith and we must take care of God’s house, and God’s family. This passage exhorts us to serve Christ faithfully, in whatever He calls us to do and always be looking for His return, because it is that readiness that keeps us prepared in heart, thought and action.

A – No one knows when the Lord will return for His Church, but we should live our lives like we expect Him any moment.

P – Lord help us to live “under the influence” of a constant expectation of Your return, so that our hearts stay clean, motives pure, actions godly, walk uprightly… Help us to live “under the influence” of Your Love.

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