Friday, May 14, 2010

LOVING THE LOSS - by Mary White

Friday, May 14, 2010- 1Chronicles 22-24; 1Thessalonians 3
LOVING THE LOSS - by Mary White

S—I Thessalonians 3:8 “For now we may really live since you are standing firm in the Lord.”

O—Timothy had just sent Paul a report on how well the Thessalonians were living their faith.

A—Paul is an example of a great Evangelist. He sowed the seed of the Word to these people and he watered and nurtured it; they began to thrive. He had to leave but he prayed for them night and day. He prayed that their lives would become fruitful in Christ. This makes me evaluate my heart. Do I really love the loss? Do I do all I can to nurture new converts? Do I pray for them night and day?

P—God increase in me the love for the loss, give me your heart for them. Help my life to be a good example, keep me from being a stumbling block. Help me to love, encourage and to teach them how to grow strong in You.

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