Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let's Dance

August 28th – Ezekiel 1-3; Revelation 2

S: Rev 2:4 (MSG) – But you walked away from your first love – why?
O: It’s all about love. We can be servants and yet lose sight of why we serve.
A: I am in love with Jesus. Not a love born out of a debt that I must repay but a love born out of passion. He is my first love but there have been times when I too have taken my eyes off the lover of my soul and done things out of a sense of obligation, or a desire to get pats on the back from the “right people” or out of a desire for position. During that time I did not get a sense of peace and well being from my service. It felt empty. At the end of the day I was drained and tired – not full of joy and excitement like I usually am. I had walked away from my first love. But the amazing thing about Jesus is that if you just put your focus back on him you will fall in love with him all over again & he is a faithful lover – he will not leave or take up with someone else. He will wait patiently for you to turn and see your lover standing in the middle of the dance floor waiting for you to throw yourselves back into his arms so he can dance you around the room.
P: Father God take me deeper in love today. Draw me close today Lord and give me rest and peace and joy and strength and energy simply from being in your presence. Let’s Dance.

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