Friday, August 5, 2011


S=Scripture=Objective. A=Application, P=Prayer

S--John 7:6 “…the right time for me has not yet come.”

O--Jesus is being told that he should present himself at the Feast of The Tabernacles…that people needed to know who He was.

A--Jesus responds “…the right time for me has not yet come.” I have a lot to learn in this short scripture…the time for healing, stepping out in ministry, or giving a Word should always be in God’s timing. Sometimes I sense that God reveals something to me…or gives me a Word to speak to someone…I get excited and want to move immediately. I need to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit…because when I move in and with Him things happen. But when I move in my own timing I am sure to fail. Maybe God wanted me to prepare for that Ministry He is calling me to…or maybe the person that I have a Word for is not yet ready to receive it.

P--Lord sharpen my awareness of Your Spirit that I might be in tune and in step with You. I don’t want to run ahead of, or lag behind, I KNOW THAT TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Help me Lord to wait on You and to move with You.

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