Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - Jeremiah 5,6; John 12

S - John 12:43 ...for they loved human glory more than the glory of God.

O -- John is speaking of the Jewish leaders who believed in Jesus, but would not acknowledge their faith openly for fear of being kicked out of the synagogue.

A - I remember a time when I held back during worship in church.  I am crazy in love with Jesus and sometimes when I worship I am so overwhelmed with the knowledge of who He is and what He's done that I am completely undone.  I cry, I fall on my knees, I lift my arms to the King of Kings.  But, I remember a time when I wanted to do this and I made myself sit tight because I was afraid of what others would think.  But, eventually I realized that they were worshiping, too.  They were not even looking at me; they were worshiping our King, too.  Such freedom!

P - Thank You for the freedom to worship You in Spirit and in truth, Jesus.  I love You so much!

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