Thursday, September 8, 2011


Thursday, September 8, 2011 – Jeremiah 42-42; Psalm 48; Revelation 13

S: Revelation 13:10 (MSG). Meanwhile God’s holy people passionately and faithfully stand their ground.
O: During the last days God’s people will be tried and tested but they will stand their ground.
A: As I read this today two words jumped out at me – passionately and faithfully. These last days will require passion and faithfulness. We cannot afford to be lukewarm in our faith. Our God is worthy of our passion. The precious lamb (Jesus) is faithful to us to the end. As I spend more time in the presence of Jesus I have learned that Jesus is passionate about me. Jesus is faithful to me. As I fall more and more in love with Jesus my passion increases for the things of the Kingdom. If we allow ourselves to settle for lukewarm we will not have what it will take to stand up to the Beast and to stand our ground. The time for excuses is past. Passion is required. Faithfulness is required. How do we get our passion back? Fall in love with Jesus all over again. How? Invite him to be first in your life. Spend time in his presence. Cry out to him. Ask for “More”. Passion feeds passion. Find some passionate people and do what they do.
P: Father God you are my everything. My desire is to live for you today. Increase my passion Lord. Fill me up with more of you; your passion. Pour out your faithfulness that I may be found faithful. All for your glory and your honor. Amen.

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