Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sunday, September 25, 2011 – Ezra 2 & 3, Luke 8

S: Luke 8:50: But when Jesus heard it he answered him saying, “Do not be afraid; only believe and she will be made well.

O: Jairus’ daughter was ill and he asked Jesus to come with him. While they were on their way word came to them that his daughter had died. Jesus responded – Do not be afraid; only believe and she will be made well.

A: I can imagine that Jairus responded to news of his daughter’s death just as any parent would – with horror and disbelief and unimaginable pain. Jesus reassured him to not have fear but to have faith and she would be okay. Jesus went to the girls home, and told her to arise & she who was dead got up and was given something to eat. A miracle! I love the miracles of Jesus – blind eyes being opened, deaf ears hearing, the lame getting up and walking; leprosy cured; withered hands restored. Jairus had faith in what Jesus could and would do. Do I have that kind of faith or do I limit what God can do in me and through me because of my inability to comprehend who God is? Do I spend so much time “in the world” that I mistakenly give my father in heaven earthly attributes and limitations? This is God we are dealing with! There are no limitations except those I try to place on him so that I can comprehend him. When I try to comprehend the maker of the universe I will fail. Every time. There is nothing God can’t do. There is no person on earth he can’t set free. I may not have been physically dead when God came into my life but certainly my soul was dying. Yet he took me by the hand and said "Your sins are forgiven, Arise!” Our God is the God of miracles. We should expect
miracles in our lives every day! Seeing someone raised from the dead does not have to be an experience that only missionaries can have. It can happen right here on Main Street in any town, Vermont. The only person who can limit what God is capable of doing in my life is me. That’s right M-E. The only person who can change that is M-E. I can lay
down my ideas about God and just get in HIS presence. Regular time in his presence is all I need to begin to expect miracles in my life.
P: Father God thank you that you are not limited by the limitations of my understanding.Father God I lay down the lies about you which I have believed. I lay down my old ideas. I declare today Lord that you are Father of Miracles. I claim the miracles you have for me Lord. Use me. Guide Me. Direct my every step. I want to walk in yourways forever. Amen.

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