Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Life is a Witness

by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 9/6/11 Ezekiel 29-32; Revelation 11 - My Life is a Witness

S - Rev 11:3 JBP, "And I will give authority to my two witnesses to proclaim the message, clothed in sackcloth for twelve hundred and sixty days."

O - These witnesses will proclaim the message, they will prophesy for the Lord because of the power and authority He will give them. 

A - I love how our lives are a testimony to the Presence of Jesus within.  I love how we can be ourselves, as God created us to be, and in that we proclaim the Message -- Jesus is Life!  Our lives were dead to the Spirit before we invited Him in, but now are lives are alive to God.  We too proclaim the message, here and now, because of His presence, power and authority.  How are we doing?

P - Lord, I want people to see Jesus when they see my life.  I want my life to be a testimony of Your goodness and Grace.  I thank you for saving me and empowering me to proclaim the message, through my life and through my words.  Amen.

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