Saturday, March 19, 2011

At Flood Stage

S - Joshua 3: 15 - Now the Jordan is at flood stage..."

O - There are times in life when we, or our loved ones, are at flood stage. Generally, we can handle the little inconveniences, small problems, and even serious situations that we encounter. But when a perfect storm of multiple problems whips up and we find ourselves in an overwhelming confluence of problems such as job, health and relationship problems, we can feel like we can't keep our head above water.
I believe that there are times in our life, when we can't handle it alone. We need God and his people. In Joshua 3, they were able to cross the flooded Jordan because the priests, who were carrying the ark, "stood firm on dry land in the middle of the Jordan." They stood firm till every last one got across. I believe that we need to find people who carry God's presence, and who are willing to stand firm in intercession for us as we cross our Jordans. I also believe that we need to be the kind of people who will stand with others during their time of crisis.

A - Are you in relationship with people who can stand firm and pray? Who ar you praying for today?

P - Thank you God that you are with us in every circumstance. Thank you, that you are raising up a church community where people can intercede and stand firm in faith for one another. Thank you for the humility to ask for prayer and the love that will stand with us in prayer, so that we can move forward in your will for your glory. Amen.

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