Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday March 31, 2011 Judges 9, 10, Ps. 49, 1 Cor. 16 "Holy Kiss"

S- ! Corin. 16: 20 (NIV) All the brothers here send you greetings. Greet one another with a holy kiss.
(Msg). All the friends here say Hello. Pass the greetings around with holy embraces.

O- Apostle Paul is telling us to greet one another with a Holy Kiss. That means, to embrace without anything between you. To show affection of touch with out any offenses, or hurts, or unforgiveness. A pure
act of embrace, between Christian brother's and sisters.

A- I know when my heart is pure and when there is nothing between myself and another, just by a hug or an embrace. There is a feeling that happens an awkwardness that I have felt, when there is something there.
I believe this is the true test of forgiveness, is an embrace. If you can honestly hug someone and not feel any tension, or awkwardness, or weirdness, then your love for them is pure. That's my own perception,
because it happens to me all the time. There has been an offense or hurt, and I think I am over it, until a physical embrace happens, and there is an awkwardness to it.....that's when I know I need to go back to
the Lord, and search my heart and deal with it, or go to that person and work it out together. In these days, it's not a Kiss, but the meaning is the same as an embrace or hug, or touch on the shoulder.

P- Thank you Lord for your word, and for the example of a "holy kiss." For when you touch us Lord, it is totally pure. Forgive us for the times it is awkward because we are trying to hide something, or not wanting to give something that is not of you, up. Embrace us Lord.....draw us close to you, and never let us go. With one another, send your spirit to teach us about the "holy kiss" and how to be pure in our embrace to one
another. Amen.

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