Monday, October 17, 2011

Fair Weather Belief

October 17, 2011
Job 1, 2; Act 6, 7

S=Scripture O=Observation A=Application P=Prayer

S: Job 2:10(k) "Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?”

O: God allowed Satan to affect Job’s health with an attack of boils. This comes right after Job has lost his children, his animals and possessions. Satan was working extra hard to get Job to sin against God.

A: We all have “fair-weather” friends, hopefully we’ve not been such, but it happens. Then there are those friends who stick by us through thick and thin, sticking by you when you may be about a popular as a smelly skunk. Job praised and worshipped God during his prosperity; Satan couldn’t believe that Job would still love God when all was gone and his life was miserable. Satan succeeded in turning Job’s wife who verbally accosted Job and asked Job why, what did he have to praise God for now? Job responded and told his wife to not be foolish. Job continued to praise God, even in adversity. He accepts the good and the bad. Job understood that God’s will was the only way – he was true to God and his faith – regardless of circumstances.

P: Father, how quickly I have lashed out at you when things haven’t gone my way. Let me understand and accept the ups and downs, that there will be good and bad things happening in my life. But always I should look up and turn to You – always!

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