Thursday, January 14, 2010

Claim Your Seat

Lori Somerville

S: Luke 14:23: (MSG) The master said Then go to the country roads. Whoever you find , drag them in. I want my house full.

O: Just as the host of the dinner party in this story wanted a full house so does God want a full Kingdom. Like the host in the story God is constantly extending invitations to know him, to spend time with him, to turn from our old ways to his ways, to join him at his table. Are you accepting the invitation or like the guests in the story do you have other more "pressing" things to do? He is inviting everyone to his table, to have relationship with Him. Those who refuse to accept his invitation will not be seated at his table.

A: Are there invitations that I am missing? God has a seat for each one of us at his table. There is a place set just for you. It was set with the utmost care to every detail. It was prepared out of His love for you. He is waiting with bated breath for you to accept the invitation. Don't wait to see who else is going to be there - Claim Your Seat!

P: Father Godhow beautiful your table must be. A different setting for each of us prepared by your hands out of your love for us. I claim my seat today. Mold me into a person who you would be pleased to have as a dinner guest at your table. Help me to follow you and you alone and not worry what those around me are doing - whether they are seated at your table or not. I want to be seated at your table. That's all that matters. Amen.

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