Tuesday, January 26, 2010


by Cathy Weymouth

Tuesday 1/26/10 - Exodus 14-16; Acts 2 - GOD'S GLORY ON DISPLAY!

S - Ex 14:4 MSG/NIV "But I will gain glory for Myself - I will use Pharoah and his army to put My glory on display."

O - God instructed Moses to turn the army around, to camp by the sea - all to cause Pharoah and the Egyptians to think they were lost and confused.  God knew that Pharoah would then change his mind about letting the Israelites leave and would pursue them. God had big plans how He would deliver His people from the hand of the enemy. He showed His glory in the parting of the Red Sea and the drowning of the entire Egyptian army.

A - Do you think God may do this in our lives?  Does He allow confusion so that will then require His help, His deliverance - and in the end His Glory is put on display when He does come through?!  We always look for the quick fix but maybe He is up to something greater - developing a testimony through our lives that will cause Him to shine!

P - Lord, I want you to be glorified.  Help me to remember that I may have to go through some things that aren't necessarily easy in order for that to happen. I pray I become a person who wants your glory more than I want a life that is problem-free.

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